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Many people diagnosed with breast cancer find it helpful to speak with another person who has been through a similar experience, in order to gain more information and feel reassured. Our Support Workers have dealt with breast cancer in their lives and are here to provide support. It is medically proven that people who receive support have a faster and better recovery rate.

Formed in Tauranga in 1991, Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga is a local independent charitable trust. Inspired by an American group of breast cancer survivors who began an organisation in the 1970's called Reach For Recovery, Breast Cancer Support Tauranga is based around the principle of survivors supporting those newly diagnosed. We cover the Western Bay of Plenty – from Waihi Beach to Maketu and see approximately 160 newly diagnosed women from the Bay each year. We offer one-on-one, culturally sensitive and confidential support to anyone awaiting the results of a diagnostic test or who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Anyone Can Get Breast Cancer

Anyone Can Get Breast Cancer

Our Purpose:

To actively provide emotional and practical support to people in Tauranga who have had a breast cancer diagnosis, their whānau and supporters.

Our Values:

Client first – We respect each client's journey and needs will be different
Cost is no barrier – we don't want payment to be a consideration for our clients
Locally focused – Tauranga & WBOP surrounds
Delivering best practice – learning from and sharing with other organisations

The Outcomes we seek:

-enhanced wellbeing, safety and quality of life for those with a breast cancer diagnosis and their whānau

-those with a breast cancer diagnosis are not socially isolated but are connected and engaged

What people say about us

" I had great family and friends for support and a wonderful partner, was dealing with my cancer through that support and a very positive attitude. In saying this I think the support and information that you put out is amazing."

"I received the full understanding that I went for. I cannot thank you enough and as I said earlier I should have made contact straight after my first operation."

"It's a brilliant support service that we are blessed to have. Thank you girls, you all make a huge difference."

"Fiona and I became friends after she was introduced to me as my breast cancer support person. For me it was really important because I could ring her up and ask her anything and she wouldn't care how silly it sounded but she would help me to understand what I was going through. She really inspired me a lot."

"It was huge for me to be able to open up and be completely honest with myself and take ownership of how I was feeling and not be embarrassed or ashamed. I was allowed to say it."
"I had a bilateral mastectomy and I am a Breast Cancer survivor. I have been involved in the Boobops Dragonboat team for several years and recently joined Breast Cancer Support Tauranga. I have met some amazing ladies, I've learnt a lot from them and it's now my turn to be able to help others."

"Understanding, supportive. Willing to find ways to help. Rang at the right time. Helped emotionally. Personal and able to relate."

"Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi ."

-with your and my basket the people will thrive

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