ON SALE Breast Cancer TShirt 2016




2016 design by local artist Laura O'Connor is called 'Masquerade'.

"I wanted to have a bit of fun on the idea of identity and how we dress up everyday with our Bras, shirts, tops, dresses, scarfs. What we project of ourselves to the outside world is all really just a Mask of who we are on the inside." Thanks Laura, we love your design!

A note about sizing:

Firstly you have not put on weight!!! These tshirts tend to be small fitting so if you are normally a medium don't get a shock if you happen to need a large for your tshirt . The size charts pictured will help you work out what size works for you. The Wafer Tee Measurements relate to the Hot Pink Womens Tshirt and the Paper Tee is for the White unisex style.

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