"The World is filled with nice people. If you can't find one, BE ONE." Nishan Panwar

How it Works

Pay it Forward for Breast Cancer is a One Stop Small Job Shop where we match those who need something doing (our requesters) with those who are offering to do it (our providers).  Our providers donate the fee they would normally charge to local breast cancer services.

Information for Providers

Have you got a skill and some time you would like to "pay forward" for breast cancer support in the Western Bay of Plenty?  

Here's all you need to do:

  • Register with us
  • We'll contact you to find out more
  • We'll match your offer to someone who is requesting your time and skills and put you in touch with each other

Once you have provided the product or service you are offering  the requester  will make a donation to our service in return for your generosity. 

Information for Requesters

Have you got a job you need doing or a service you would like to purchase?  You can use  Pay it Forward for Breast Cancer to do that and know you are supporting local breast cancer services.

Just complete the request form below and we'll be in touch.


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